What is TruthGirlz?

TruthGirlz is a Mentorship Program for teen girls sponsored by the Pregnancy Resource Center of Statesville, NC.

We believe girls who are equipped to Grow WELL and to choose to Love WELL, will become women empowered to Live WELL.

TruthGirlz guides girls through the difficult teen years to enter womanhood with confidence.

When does TruthGirlz meet?

  • Middle Schools meet after school once per week for 26 weeks. Sessions last from 3:30 until 5:00 when parents pick the girls up. Transportation is not provided at this time.
  • High Schools meet once each week for 26 weeks, during club times or as scheduled by school.
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How does TruthGirlz work?

To help girls think critically about themselves, their world and their futures, our mentors use:

  • Demonstrations
  • Media
  • Crafts
  • Guest speakers
  • Journaling
  • Discussion
  • Purposeful relationships

By attending, participating and journaling, our girls earn points to spend in our TruthGirlz Boutique!

WHAT do we do?

  • Execute a complete lesson plan each week (from our 26 week Curriculum)
  • Provide snacks every week
  • Provide crafts, activities or special guests with a purpose every week
  • Conduct an incentive plan that rewards attendance, participation and journaling

WHERE do we meet?

  • On the campus in a designated location. Classrooms, the library and cafeteria are all locations we have used. We can meet anywhere that we have access to internet and projector for presentations.