TruthGirlz Mentoring is only available at participating middle and high schools in Iredell County, NC.

 Middle School

North Iredell
Third Creek
West Iredell
East Iredell
Oakwood IB
Boys & Girls Club of the Piedmont
Statesville Christian
Selma Burke
Mooresville Middle

   High School     

North Iredell
West Iredell
South Iredell
Lake Norman High
Statesville Christian

WHO is TruthGirlz?

TruthGirlz is an empowering Mentorship program for girls from the Pregnancy Resource Center of Statesville.  We believe girls who are equipped to grow well and to choose to love well, will become women empowered to live well.


WHAT do we do?

  • Execute a complete lesson plan each week (from our 26 week Curriculum)
  • Provide snacks every week
  • Provide crafts, activities or special guests with a purpose every week
  • Conduct an incentive plan that rewards attendance, participation and journaling

WHEN do we meet?

  • Middle Schools meet after school once per week for 26 weeks. Sessions last from 3:30 until 5:00 when parents pick the girls up. Transportation is not provided at this time.
  • High School groups meet once per week during smart lunch or for one hour weekly as scheduled by SAP.

WHERE do we meet?

  • On the campus in a designated location. Classrooms, the library and cafeteria are all locations we have used. We can meet anywhere that we have access to internet and projector for presentations.

WHY should my school start a TruthGirlz group?

  • TruthGirlz is a program of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Statesville, offered at NO COST to the school or the students.
  • TruthGirlz gives teachers who mentor an opportunity to bond with girls outside of the class environment in a way that tends to support the girls performance in the classroom
  • Parents appreciate the support TruthGirlz gives in fostering social, emotional and moral development in their daughters
  • While TruthGirlz is a faith based program, girls from any walk of life, social or spiritual background are welcomed, supported and able to benefit from the program.
  • TruthGirlz creates a safe place for girls to explore their authentic selves and ask hard questions
  • TruthGirlz helps fortify girls against the pull of peer pressure, hormones and groupthink by presenting
    • critical thinking and decision making skills
    • practical tools for self care and healthy living
    • exposure to a wide variety of topics, perspectives and experiences