Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. – John 8:32

Being a teen is tough… so why go through it alone?

TruthGirlz helps ease the teen experience with consistent support from mentors and encouragement from small peer groups.


  • How to manage “girl drama”
  • The value of your unique design
  • Healthy strategies to process your most complex feelings
  • Care and hygiene for your changing body
  • How to neutralize negative influences
  • To discover and use your gifts and talents
  • Answers to hard questions about everything from periods to popularity

Heartbreak happens. Love does too… Will you know it when you see it?

TruthGirlz helps build healthy relationships.


  • Key Traits of true love
  • The importance of loving yourself
  • How to tell real friends from fake ones
  • How to set healthy  relationship boundaries
  • The dangers of unrealistic expectations
  • Answers to hard questions about family, friends, crushes and more

The rest of your life starts today…  Where are your choices taking you?

TruthGirlz helps young women approach womanhood with confidence and vision,


  • Basic communication skills
  • How to overcome common challenges women face
  • How to be a positive influence
  • To define and practice integrity
  • Qualities of Inspiring women
  • How to build and maintain and the reputation you want
  • Answers to hard questions about adulthood, goal setting and spiritual concerns